A Citizen Perspective on Indigenous Plant Conservation

    All over South Africa we also have an archipelago of conservancies that allow ordinary citizens to join hands, strengthen their solitary little votes (that might appear so ineffectual against the forces of development destruction), for doing and supporting the right things of conserving nature in the many ways required; and hopefully let this grow into a benevolent force that pushes back the wrong type of developments, pollution, global warming and even global destruction.  Go find out about the conservancy in your area and see what you can achieve by joining, associating, collaborating, learning, finding solutions and having some fun as a team!

    Now what about South Africa‚Äôs conservancies remembering Operation Wildflower and involving us in imminent development projects where some natural vegetation is targeted by the bulldozers?  If the plant lovers are invited to save any interesting or endangered plant endemic to your area, the list of endangered species may eventually be shortened!  By saving I mean:  remove with a Department of Nature Conservation permit, transplant privately, cultivate until seed is produced that can be sown in more places.

    If Operation Wildflower cannot reach your area in terms of distances in our country, we can collaborate with you to develop a local branch of the organisation in your area on a nationally co-ordinated basis.   This view is shared by our Chairman, West van der Vyver.  Our Constitution of fifty years ago envisaged a national presence to achieve results wherever development may threaten plant diversity.  (You will find the relevant information elsewhere on this website.)

    A Trustee of Operation Wildflower