Sources of Information

    The Website Editor gratefully acknowledges the following sources of information and material contributions used in the development of the Site. Contributors vary widely in their roles, entered here once input provided has been used. The input used on this Site is grouped in the following categories: Advisors, Bibliography, Botanical Artists, Plant Photographers, Websites




    Eric Aspeling, Amateur Botanist, Potchefstroom

    Louis Jordaan, Amateur Naturalist, Oudtshoorn

    Duncan Heath, IT Specialist and Webmaster, Hermanus

    Judd Kirkel, Horticulturist, Johannesburg

    Jack Lätti, Horticulturist, Melbourne, Australia





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    Botanical Artists


    Barbara Pretorius, Artist (specialising in plant drawing), Hermanus, Western Cape, who must be contacted for permission prior to downloading any of her work

    Daleen Roodt, Botanical Artist

    Plant Photographers


    Most contributors of photos used as listed here are amateur photographers with an interest in plants unless indicated otherwise.  In the Album section, main body of this Site, their names are given. 

    The text added there is so far all written by the Site Editor who takes responsibility for the content.


    Alet Steyn, Potchefstroom

    Alexis Laurence, Bill Harrop Balloon Safaris, Hekpoort

    Andy de Wet, Aloe Grower, Hartebeespoortdam

    Ann Lamprecht, Hoekwil

    Annette Raaff, Hartebeestfontein Conservancy, Hekpoort, Gauteng

    Anton Potgieter, Horticulturist, Langkloof

    Boet Venter, Hermanus

    Braam van Wyk, Botanist, Pretoria

    Charl Theron, Lawyer, Cape Town

    Coreen Krige, Stellenbosch

    Dorette Potgieter, Actress, Cape Town

    Emari Linde, Physicist, United Kingdom

    Elsa du Plessis, Pretoria

    Elsa Gouws, Artist, Cape Town

    Erhan Uludag, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

    Eric Aspeling, Naturalist, Limpopo

    Francois Krige, Botanist, Gauteng

    Fransa Cole, Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, Gauteng

    Gary Taylor, Australia

    Grant Wareham, Business Executive, Tokai, Cape Town

    Hendrik van Zijl, Nieuwoudtville

    Hildegard Crous, Botanist, Barrydale, Western Cape

    Ivan Lätti, Operation Wildflower, Onrus, Website Editor

    Jack Lätti, Horticulturist, Melbourne, Australia

    Jans van Wyk

    Jean Vermeiren, Chef, Gordons Bay

    Johan Kruger, Johannesburg

    Johan Wentzel, Geologist and Nurseryman, Ifafi, North West Province

    Johannes Vogel, Professional Photographer, Johannesburg

    Jonathan Honeyborne, Wildlife Tour Guide, Cape

    Judd Kirkel, Garden Designer, Horticulturist, Succulent Society, Operation Wildflower, Johannesburg

    Jurgens Willson, Operation Wildflower, Johannesburg

    Leila Mitrani, Cape Town

    Leo Thamm, Operation Wildflower, Johannesburg

    Lorraine Vermeulen, Johannesburg 

    Louis Jordaan, Naturalist and Ecologist, Oudtshoorn

    Louise King, Naturalist, Cape

    Mariska Victor, Hospitality Industry, Western Cape

    Martin Etsebeth, Photographer, Sandbaai

    MC Botha, Author, Onrusrivier

    Mercia Komen, Website Designer, Naturalist, Gauteng

    Neville Attridge, Cape Town

    Nigel Cottle, Operation Wildflower, Johannesburg 

    Piet Grobler, Conservationist, Phalaborwa

    Philip van Heerden, Operation Wildflower, Johannesburg

    Ras Oosthuizen, Film Producer, Kammanassie

    Retha Wareham, Cape Town

    Ricky Mauer, Psychologist, Pretoria

    Riku Lätti, Musician, Strand

    Sam van der Merwe, Joubertina

    Suzet Burger Meyer, Johannesburg

    Thabo Maphisa, Zwelihle

    Thijs Nel, Artist, Oudtshoorn 

    Uri Mitrani, Cape Town

    West van der Vyver, Operation Wildflower, Johannesburg