Gauteng rocky hill

    Gauteng rocky hill
    Author: Ivan Latti
    Photographer: Thabo Maphisa

    The rocky brow of this Gauteng hill supports a diverse vegetation, as so many hills on earth do. Grassland of the area has installed a few representatives among the crevices. Annuals come and go as the seeds fall and the weather permits.

    The snake-like, slightly succulent, trailing branches of Cynanchum viminale represents the succulents, climbers and twiners. It is a noted member of the milkweed family.

    A variety of trees and shrubs have made this spot their home, lasting in the rugged setting by sending root tips out widely, each according to its nature. Every crack and hollow is continually explored for nutrients and moisture.

    Diverse needs may forego some items on the nutrient menu for a time, until somebody finds a use for it. Organic leftovers lie in wait for the next user species to capitalise upon. Decomposition is a conversion process also serving as utilisation and it doesnt really end.

    Competition for the same supplies, particularly water, is conducted in an eminently decorous manner as eating neighbours is common practice among species. It may happen without a sound or accompanied by sonorous squealing, without giving quarter.

    And all species produce used parts or emissions reusable as a communal benefit. Everyone and everything that lives eventually delivers a full-body sacrifice that reverts to the stockpile of such materials, nothing going to waste. Current and future members of the all-species community will benefit from every bit again later, over and over, as long as life remains on earth.

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