Protea holding on in wheat country

    Protea holding on in wheat country
    Author: Ivan Latti
    Photographer: Ivan Latti

    Much development has changed the scene here since the first farmers ploughed land in the Caledon area around 1710. Most of the renosterveld and fynbos have disappeared from the slopes and plains in favour of extensive wheat and sheep farming. A large nation needs to be fed, requiring much land to be devoted to monoculture crops.

    What little of nature is retained here is jealously guarded by governmental authorities and citizen organisations these days, mindful of the needs of the generations to come.

    Fortunately the agricultural yields per hectare have been steadily increasing through improved knowledge and farming practices. This relieves some pressure from finding more land to plough on an earth that doesn’t grow.

    Still, human population numbers keep increasing…

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