Crassula lactea as a cliff dweller

    Crassula lactea as a cliff dweller
    Author: Ivan Latti
    Photographer: Thabo Maphisa

    A good stand of Crassula lactea contributes roots that serve to delay soil loss from cliff vegetation. Pieces that drop off might even start another colony at the foot of the cliff, if water doesn’t wash it away and growing conditions allow. Over time places like this change appearance continually as plants win and lose their survival battles on high-risk sites.

    Nature distributes opportunities as well as the lack thereof, i.e. imminent death, like card hands are dealt. Fairness never featuring in the process, although the interest level is high when the competition is stiff. Losing is certain to be soon for some, eventually for all.

    This is the nature of all life on earth. Evolution is a phenomenon that enters the process in the timing of death before or after procreation (Frandsen, 2017; Smith, et al, 2017; Bond and Goldblatt, 1984; iNaturalist).

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